When is the best time to buy?

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When is the best time to buy?

Looking to expand your buy to let portfolio?  We look at when the best time of year is to go house hunting -  

Between Christmas and New Year

Nobody wants to look for houses around Christmas time, everyone is looking to move 'in the new year’ instead.  Obviously money is tight at this time of year and people don't tend to like house hunting in the cold weather (or they would simply prefer to spend the time off work with friends and family). The year coming to the end, gives everyone a natural excuse to put things off, but by looking when others aren't you'll find plentiful bargains to be had.   

A combination of house prices being at their 12-month low in December and people's festive generosity means that you could save several thousand pounds, compared to looking at the same property in January!


UK House Sales for April 

Although you are likely to face more competition than in December, there is also likely to be a wider range of properties available on the market, giving you a much more varied choice. With many other house hunters sniffing around it's unlikely you'll be able to pick up your dream home for a bargain price. However, with many people heading away for the weekend, or tied up with family commitments, you’re likely to face less competition than in the rest of spring - the traditional ‘boom period’.

Be wary though that due to the blossoming flowers and air optimism, properties may look a more attractive proposition than on a cold, wet evening in November!     


UK house sales for April (last six years)

Bank Holidays

Use your bank holidays throughout the year wisely, many are put off by the thought that you won't be able to get any deals done on a bank holiday, however, most show homes are open on bank holidays nowadays and there are good deals to be had. 

"Make good use of your bank holidays, the housing market isn't closed for business on these days anymore. You may not be able to push the deal through that day, but you certainly be able to find someone to show you around the property you are interested in" says Mark Carter of Carter Jonas estate agents.  


July / August

July is traditionally a busy period for those looking to complete during the summer holidays, opportunities will be high, but so will competition. However, if the unpredictable British summer is on song then house hunting in the sun, especially in rural areas, can be a more joyful experience. 

Whenever you purchase your new property, get it properly insured with comprehensive owner occupier or residential landlord insurance available from Rentguard at highly competitive rates.   


For more advice on choosing the right property for you read our ‘Top Ten Tips for Buy to Let’.


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