Diary of a first-time landlord


Becoming a landlord for the first time can be a scary, daunting experience - read a first hand account of someone taking the plunge!

  • To sell or to let? That is the question

    03 July 2013 | Comments

    Thankfully, before the dementia took a hold, Mum was a very sensible lady and it was over seven years ago when she suggested setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney for myself and my brother ...READ MORE

  • The big clear out!

    31 July 2013 | Comments

    After much soul-searching, my brother and I are to become landlords for our mother’s property.  Her 3 bed semi has lain empty since she went into a care home in September last year, and alread...READ MORE

  • The viewings begin

    14 August 2013 | Comments

    The Letting Agent had said not to worry about re-decorating, and the ‘swirly’ carpets would be acceptable to most tenants.  He even said the walk-in bath Mum had installed shouldn’t be a probl...READ MORE

  • Safety first

    21 August 2013 | Comments

    We know that our tenants would like to move by the end of the month. That gives us a couple more weeks to get Mum’s house ready, which is just as well as there’s still a lot to do!Luckily we h...READ MORE

  • Moving in day

    29 August 2013 | Comments

    It’s 13 weeks since our initial meeting with the Letting Agent, and it’s the day the tenants are moving in. I’ve had two more sets of keys cut for them and I feel I’d like to be there to wish ...READ MORE

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