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  • Bath named as a top city for escaping Londoners

    London living is vibrant and exciting, but can often be crowded, noisy and awfully expensive for families. However, this does not mean that Londoners seeking more space, a sense of community, good schools and peace and quiet, consider life in rural villages as the answer. For many, moving to a city within commuting distance of the capital, surrounded by countryside offers an alternative, which merges the best of both worlds...READ MORE
    19 Jul 2017 | Comments
  • Shard apartments still empty, five years on

    When it opened the developers of the Shard boasted that it should only take “about 20 phone calls” to sell the 10 exclusive apartments near the top of the tower for up to £50m each. Yet five years on from the Duke of York and the prime minister of Qatar officially opening “Europe’s first vertical city” with a dazzling laser display on the 5th of July 2012, all 100 of the flats on the 53rd to 65th floors of the 72-storey bui...READ MORE
    5 Jul 2017 | Comments
  • Second home buyers return to the ‘bank of mum and dad’

    A third of home owners who are moving to their second home request further assistance from the ‘bank of mum and dad’ despite having already received financial support for their first property. Many are lent or given an average of just over £21,500 for their first property but look to borrow more than £21,200 for their second. Research from Lloyds Bank has suggested that rising properties prices mean thousands of ‘second ste...READ MORE
    28 Jun 2017 | Comments
  • 2000 home scheme approved for Ealing

    Meinhardt UK has welcomed the approval of planning for a 2000 home scheme at Greenford Green, Ealing, London. Global real estate company Greystar had appointed Meinhardt UK alongside HTA Design (architects) and Alinea Consulting to regenerate an area of industrial wasteland next to the Grand Union Canal that was formerly occupied by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The 1,965-home development will primarily be for...READ MORE
    31 May 2017 | Comments
  • A third of UK properties for sale have been discounted, new research reveals

    New research shows that almost a third of properties currently for sale in the UK have been discounted, with the average amount being £24,989. Overall, 31.6% of asking prices have been reduced, but the number is actually falling as this is down from 33.43% last December, according to a study by Zoopla.  Geographically, Darlington in County Durham has the largest proportion of discounted properties at 45.65%, followed by nea...READ MORE
    3 May 2017 | Comments
  • Work on Manchester’s largest private rental development set to start this summer

    Work will begin in August on the largest Build to Rent scheme in Manchester after Select Property Group formed a joint venture partnership with the Greater Manchester Property Venture Fund to build a 677-home PRS tower.  Costing some £247m, the Affinity Living PRS project at Circle Square will form part of the first phase of the £750m Oxford Road mixed-use development that offers retail, serviced apartments and flats. Wor...READ MORE
    21 Mar 2017 | Comments
  • Sharp increase in number of older tenants

    There has been a significant rise in the number of people renting homes when they retire, according to new figures. This is due to changing attitudes and perceptions to renting over the past decade, along with the various benefits renting in later life can offer, according to Girlings Retirement Rentals. Currently around 10% of all those living in the private rented sector are households aged 65-plus, but the property compa...READ MORE
    1 Mar 2017 | Comments

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More than half of properties purchased for over £1m will be sold outside London this year, according to research from mort...READ MORE

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Tenancy up for renewal

26 April 2014

We’re coming to the end of our first year as landlords. The letting agent has sent us a routine, and carefully timed, letter asking if we wish to continue letting and whether they should make a formal offer to our current tenants. I feel we’ve been very fortunate in finding a family to live in Mum’s house, who appear to have...READ MORE

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