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All the latest rumblings from the property market, and the first word on future opportunities and developments affecting you  

  • 1,381 West London home development announced in former Nestle Factory

    A major housing development was given the green light by Hillingdon Council at the end of 2017. The century old Nestle factory in Hayes is to be transformed into a development with 1,381 homes, after the factory closed in 2014 when production of freeze dried coffee was moved to Derbyshire. The 30 acre site was purchased in early 2015 by SEGRO plc who have partnered with Barratt to build the new homes. As part of the develop...READ MORE
    17 Jan 2018 | Comments
  • Those aged 55 and over own 63% of UK’s property wealth

    New figures released this week from Halifax show that the value of the UK’s privately-owned homes over the past decade has grown by £376 billion to reach £6.015 trillion. Halifax estimates that the average property wealth per household is £256,912 which is an increase from £187,310 in 2007 just as the financial crisis was about to hit. The definition of property wealth in this survey is equity – which is the difference betw...READ MORE
    17 Jan 2018 | Comments
  • How is stamp duty affecting the average Londoner?

    There have been calls on the Government to reduce stamp duty for first time buyers after the extent of the burden on the average London worker has been revealed. The average London home buyer pays the equivalent of three years income tax on stamp duty when purchasing a home, according to figures from estate agent Haart. House prices in London and the Home Counties are on average £258,000 more than the rest of the country. L...READ MORE
    22 Nov 2017 | Comments
  • Home buying to become faster following review!

    Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has launched an eight-week review into home buying. He has stated he wanted to “hear from the industry” on how to streamline the process. It is hoped that this will lead to home buying and selling in England and Wales to be “faster and less stressful”. This news comes amid growing speculation that housing will form a key part of next month’s Budget speech. Ways of locking in deals and stopp...READ MORE
    1 Nov 2017 | Comments
  • A room in London now costs more than a whole house in the North East

    In 2016 the cost of a house in London per habitable room - i.e. excluding bathrooms, conservatories, kitchens and utility rooms, was £132,926. This is more than the average cost of an entire property in the North East of England, worth £128,000 in July 2016, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS's) house price index. London's house prices have been galloping ahead of the rest of the country over the past decad...READ MORE
    18 Oct 2017 | Comments
  • RICS concerned over the number of landlords leaving the sector

    According to the latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey of its members a growing number of buy-to-let landlords are likely to exit the private rented sector over the next 12 months. Over half (61%) of surveyors felt landlords would exit the market over the coming year, while only 12% felt there would be a greater number of entrants. 52% of those surveyed projected that there would be a net reduction o...READ MORE
    20 Sep 2017 | Comments
  • Wales leads the way in raising rental standards

    This month a number of new licensing schemes for landlords have been approved or introduced in England for cities such as Redbridge, Bristol and Nottingham. Despite the differences amongst these the main initiative is to improve the rental standards in the private rented sector. As positive as these changes are, Wales has already got a scheme across the country, could they be years ahead of England with their Rent Smart Wal...READ MORE
    30 Aug 2017 | Comments

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26 April 2014

We’re coming to the end of our first year as landlords. The letting agent has sent us a routine, and carefully timed, letter asking if we wish to continue letting and whether they should make a formal offer to our current tenants. I feel we’ve been very fortunate in finding a family to live in Mum’s house, who appear to have...READ MORE

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