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  • A third of UK properties for sale have been discounted, new research reveals

    New research shows that almost a third of properties currently for sale in the UK have been discounted, with the average amount being £24,989. Overall, 31.6% of asking prices have been reduced, but the number is actually falling as this is down from 33.43% last December, according to a study by Zoopla.  Geographically, Darlington in County Durham has the largest proportion of discounted properties at 45.65%, followed by nea...READ MORE
    3 May 2017 | Comments
  • Work on Manchester’s largest private rental development set to start this summer

    Work will begin in August on the largest Build to Rent scheme in Manchester after Select Property Group formed a joint venture partnership with the Greater Manchester Property Venture Fund to build a 677-home PRS tower.  Costing some £247m, the Affinity Living PRS project at Circle Square will form part of the first phase of the £750m Oxford Road mixed-use development that offers retail, serviced apartments and flats. Wor...READ MORE
    21 Mar 2017 | Comments
  • Sharp increase in number of older tenants

    There has been a significant rise in the number of people renting homes when they retire, according to new figures. This is due to changing attitudes and perceptions to renting over the past decade, along with the various benefits renting in later life can offer, according to Girlings Retirement Rentals. Currently around 10% of all those living in the private rented sector are households aged 65-plus, but the property compa...READ MORE
    1 Mar 2017 | Comments
  • Prices soaring for homes near Crossrail stations

    The Crossrail line in London out to nearby commuter towns has been pushing property prices up 40% since it was announced in 2007, according to new research. Properties near all 40 stations along the new Elizabeth Line have recorded price growth double the rate of the average for England as a whole, with 24 stations seeing prices rise by more than 40%.   The new line will reportedly slash commuting times when it opens at the...READ MORE
    1 Feb 2017 | Comments
  • Landlords continuing to see strong yields and increasing rents

    The private rental market remains strong, despite pressures elsewhere in the British economy, new figures suggest. The latest index from Estate Agents Your Move shows that rents rose in England and Wales by 3.9% in the 12 months to November 2016; taking the average rent to £830 a month. “Landlords are continuing to see strong yield levels and rents are increasing, even if growth is slower than it was previously,” says Adria...READ MORE
    4 Jan 2017 | Comments
  • Gap in rent between London and rest of UK narrowing

    For the first time since 2010, rents outside of London have risen faster than in the capital. New data shows that the average rent in London fell by 0.7% year on year in November, the sharpest fall since October 2010, but still remains around 60% higher than the rest of the country. Over the last 12 months, London has gone from the region with the second fastest rate of rental growth in Great Britain to the slowest, accord...READ MORE
    14 Dec 2016 | Comments
  • Buy-to-let getting cheaper as mortgage rates decrease

    There is good news for landlords and property investors as the cost of mainstream buy-to-let mortgages has decreased significantly over the past three months, new figures show.     The cost of an 80% loan-to-value (LTV) two-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage has dropped by 4% to just 3.34%, according to fresh data from Mortgage Brain. This reduction in cost equates to a potential annual saving of £324 on a £150,000 mortg...READ MORE
    30 Nov 2016 | Comments

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