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Hints, tips and legal advice to help you have a great landlord-tenant relationship.

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Higher stamp duty costs and the phasing out of mortgage tax relief means there has been a significant increase in the numb...READ MORE

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A third of UK properties for sale have been discounted, new research reveals

New research shows that almost a third of properties currently for sale in the UK have been discounted, wit...READ MORE

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Rentguard at Broker Expo 2014

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Landlord FAQs

We strive to offer the answers to the burning questions affecting you

Q: I want to let out my property, do I need to tell my mortgage provider?

A: Yes, if you have a residential mortgage you....

Q: How do I improve the chances of letting out my property?

A: Your properties should be clean, well-maintained, and well decorated to increase your chances of finding a tenant.

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I found 25 people living in my 2 bedroom flat!

I am fortunate enough to own five or six properties across the UK, all of which have thrown up different challenges. But probably the most unusual story I have to tell...READ MORE

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